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 PC-Ventures is a company that works primarily with small companies and customers who need that extra hand with their computer and technology-based needs.

 Identifying and implementing networking and system applications, provisioning hardware-software and supporting the customer as they change and grow -- these are the

 areas where PC-Ventures excels.  The use of "standards" are paramount to what we do, without sacrificing creativity and going outside the box pursuing solutions.

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 Somewhere along the way photography became a passion and led into a service that we provide as well.

 Professional photo shoots for any event, location and occasion can be scheduled to meet any need.

 Complete photo services are available - scans, restorations, retouching and professional quality printing.

 Video conversions such as VHS tape to DVD and video editing/combining is useful for your digital library.

 Please click on the Photography button on this page that will link you to more info on this particular service.

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